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Welcome to Kingston Health (Hull)

We are located at two sites in Hull - Wheeler Street in the west and Park Health Centre in the East. Please be reassured that the NHS is here for you during the Covid-19 emergency. Our website contains full details of support in primary care and a wide range of other organisations.


We  are being asked by patients to change their name on their GP records to match their passport. This is because usually they have changed their name but only informed either the passport office or the surgery but not both. We can do this on your GP records, but the automatic update this triggers to the central NHS database that links to your covid passport may take a few days. This is out of our control.

You need to send us a clear photo of your passport showing the exact name and we will match this. We need to see this before we can make the change.
Please send to Cantab.B81011@nhs.net

It will take us 3-4 days to do this.

You must understand that for a while your GP records will be out of sync with Hospital records and prescriptions, until the automatic links are updated externally. We will only change your records back when you change your name on your passport, and you will need email the photo of your new passport once you have updated this. What we are effectively doing is accepting your current passport as your legal name and your medical records will shortly show this.

We will try to do this within a couple of days of asking, but this cannot take precedence over urgent medical tasks.


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