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About Tests

Blood Test

Blood tests are a common form of investigation and are usually carried out at the practice. Samples are tested in a laboratory and the results are returned to the surgery for assessment by a doctor.


X-Rays are widely used and are an effective way to detect bone or tissue problems and assist with overall diagnosis. Further information can be obtained on the NHS website.  Your x-ray will be performed at a hospital site and the results will be sent to the practice. If your x-ray was ordered by a hospital consultant, after you were referred by the practice, you should ask how they will advise you of the results.



Various scans are conducted for diagnostic purposes. Ultrasound scans  involve the use of high-frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body. An MRI scan or magnetic resonance imaging uses magnetic fields and radio waves  to produce detailed images of the inside of the body,. Scans are normally carried out in a hospital setting. If you are under the care of the hospital after being referred, you should ask how they will inform you of the results.



The practice has strict policies regarding confidentiality and data protection. Results will only be given to the patient unless we have recorded express permission from the patient to another named person. Where a patient is not capable of understanding the results, the practice will make appropriate judgements taking account of the circumstances.

Get Results
If your test were ordered by your GP and you are registered for online services, you may be able to read your test results online 24 hours a day using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you are not registered for online services, you may be able , please contact a member of our reception team. The time taken to get test results back from the laboratory varies according to the type of test.

Blood tests can take up to a week - or more, whilst X-rays and scan results can take two weeks or more. Once the test results have been processed by the doctor at the practice, a member of the reception team will be able to relay whether they are normal or whether any further action is advised.

If you need to discuss your test results in detail, it will be necessary for you to make an appointment with the doctor. Please check with the practice as to the best tome to ring for your test results

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Blood & Scan Results

If you have access to your GP health record in your NHS account, you will be able to see your summary record using the NHS App or the NHS website

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