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Promoting Good Health

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Our Role

In promoting good health, we give information and advice to patients so that they can be encouraged to be in the best health that they can achieve.  Amongst the wide range of areas covered, we offer immunisation programmes and special  efforts to prevent or delay the onset of diseases such as COPD, IHD, STIs and diabetes. 

Promoting healthy lifestyles, ideally from a young age, can help in bridging the equality gap between those in society who are diasadvantaged and others. Smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption are major risk factors for many diseases.

Key Areas 

Here are some important areas in promoting good health

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A healthy diet involves eating 5 portions of fruit & vegetables daily. Avoiding processed and fried food and eating fibre-rich meals is advocated

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Remaining fit and active is an important part of remaining healthy.  At least thirty minutes of excercise five times a week is recommended by NICE.

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Excess alcohol consumptiom is a risk factor in a range of cancers, liver disease, gastritis, hypertension, ulcers and many other diseases. Find out more

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Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a clear and major risk factor in many diseases - including COPD, lung cancer, IHD, sudden infant death syndrome, diabetes and osteoporosis.

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Through health promotion we  achieve better mental & psychological health. Whilst some stress is part of life, managing excess stress is important.

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Sexual Health

Sexual health promotion helps individuals control & improve their health & also their emotional well-being, avoid STDs, HIV and also unwanted pregnancies.

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Live Well 


Weight Loss Guide

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