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Due to the increased pressures on our practice and shortage of staff we will be changing the category of patients who can order their prescriptions by phone.

As from 22.11.21 only those who are aged 70 and over will be able to ring for reissue of their repeat medications. The phone line will only be open between 2pm and 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Patients who do not fit the above criteria can order their repeat medications via the NHS App, by signing up to our online services, by dropping the prescription list into the surgery, by post - or by email giving name, date of birth, address and list of requested medications - please click button below


An acute prescription is an item of medication that is not normally repeated beyond the initial prescribed course.

Certain Items e.g. Calpol, head lice treatments and cold sore creams can be purchased over the counter from the pharmacy. You may be asked to attend for medication review for other treatments to ensure they are still appropriate for your condition.

Antibiotics are rarely prescribed over the telephone and are not routinely prescribed for the common cold as this is a viral infection.


A repeat prescription is an item of prescribed medication that has been approved by a doctor for issue at intervals. 

Repeat prescriptions can now be ordered on-line from this website. To register for online ordering you will need a username and password only obtainable in person from the practice. Alternatively, repeat prescriptions can be requested by completing the right hand side of your prescription and handing, posting or faxing it to the surgery.

Please allow 48 hours before collection.

On-line Ordering

Repeat Prescriptions


From 1 April 2020, patients must order their repeat prescriptions directly from Kingston Health Hull. They will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions through a pharmacy, an online pharmacy or other dispensing contractor.

What is not Changing?

If you already order your repeat prescriptions from us, you’re not affected and don’t need to do anything.

If you collect your medicine from your local pharmacy, or have arrangements in place to have it delivered to your door then speak to your pharmacy to continue these arrangements.

If you receive your medication through a monitored dosage system, for example a dosette box or a blister pack, this change will not affect you.

What do you need to do?

From 1 April 2020, or earlier, if you currently order your repeat prescriptions from a pharmacy, you will have to order from Kingston Health Hull You can do this:


If you are a patient, all you have to do is register for online prescriptions

Once registered for this service, you can click the Systm Online link below to order online. If you need help, please contact reception.

 Click the system online logo below If you are already registered to use on-line prescription ordering, you may and be taken securely to the online portal

systmonline logo and link


Download the NHS App and find out more: NHS App

Download the NHS App and find out more: NHS App

In Person

Simply tick the medicines you need on the white, tear-off section of your prescription and drop it in to us

Order in Time

Please remember, we need at least 48 hours notice when ordering repeat prescriptions. Weekends & Bank Holidays are not counted as working days.



One-off prescriptions which are not regularly repeated are known as 'acute' prescriptions. Please telephone before 9am to request acute medications which are issued at the discretion of the doctor.

You can ask your chosen pharmacist for advice on minor ailments and if it is appropriate you may be able to buy medicines over the counter without having to see the doctor.


For minor ailments, please refer to our APPOINTMENTS PAGE for full information on how to access to primary care services - or contact 111 for advice. You can also peruse this website or search minor ailments on the  nhs.uk website.


Help with Medicines

The information below will help with questions regarding medicines and their safe use.

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Medication Reviews

Your practice reviews medicines periodically to see whether they are still needed & whether the dose continues to be appropriate. Click below for more information on pharmacy reviews.

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Image of capsules

Over the Counter

Many simple medices are available over the counter and do not need to be ordered on a prescription. Your pharmacist will be happy to provide important advice on basic medicines.

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Help with Costs

You could be entitled to free NHS prescriptions, if at the time your prescription is dispensed you meet certain conditions of age. condition or circumstance.   Click below for further info.

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Prepayment Certificates

If you have to pay for regular prescription items, it may be cheaper to buy a prescription Prepayment Certifcate. Click below for full information from the NHS Business Services Authority

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Adverse Reactions

On rare occasions, medicines can have an adverse effect. If you experience any such issues, please get in touch with the surgery immediately. An app is also available for reporting any adverse reactions.

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Holiday Medicines

If you are taking medicines abroad, it is advisable to check UK rules and those of the country that you are visiting. Please talk to your doctor or practice nurse at least two months before making your trip abroad

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Help with Prescription Costs

Find out if your are entitled to free NHS prescriptions. NHS dental treatment and help with other costs

Medicines A-Z

An A-Z of information on medicines.  Always be advised by your Health professional

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